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Basic Biomedical Sciences Research

Basic biomedical research involves laboratory studies aimed at understanding the underlying mechanisms of disease at the cellular or subcellular level, or laboratory studies aimed at understanding the mechanism of action or optimization of treatments by conducting research at the cellular or subcellular level.

California HIV/AIDS Research Program Awards over $1.5 Million in New Basic Science Research Projects

CHRP has selected nine investigators from various institutions across California as recipients of the 2016 Innovative, Developmental Exploratory Awards (IDEAs) in basic biomedical science.  These include multiple projects focused on paths to a cure for HIV (viral latency, persistence, or reactivation), new hope for persons with HIV and cancer, and HIV epidemiology.  Please click the link below to view a list of funded projects and access abstracts describing the scientific aims.

Currently Funded IDEA Awards 

All of our archived funded research can be explored by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Archived funded projects about Basic Biomedical Sciences Research
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