California Collaborations in HIV Prevention Research Dissemination Project

Asian and Pacific Islander MSM HIV Prevention Evaluation Study

Module cover

Reports on:

  • Sexual behavioral findings for young and HIV+ API MSM
  • Recommendations for community-based evaluation research
  • Curriculum specific to API MSM youth
  • Curriculum specific to HIV+ API MSM
  • Implementation challenges
  • Use of focus group discussions

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Principal Investigators

Tooru Nemoto
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
University of California San Francisco

Daniel Bao
Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

Lina Sheth
Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

Materials and information presented in Module 8 (UARP grants CR00-CPEP-124 and CR00-SF-125) are produced by the Universitywide AIDS Research Program, University of California Office of the President, and may be freely used for HIV/AIDS prevention research activities. Appropriate citation is required in publications utilizing this module.