California Collaborations in HIV Prevention Research Dissemination Project

HIV Prevention Program for Young Latino Mothers and Fathers

Module 7 cover

Reports on:

  • HIV prevention for young Latino parents
  • Insights and life views of young Latino fathers
  • A culturally appropriate prevention intervention
  • Collaboration between CBOs and academic researchers
  • Insight in using qualitative research methods to inform intervention and study design
  • Analysis of qualitative data from focus groups and key informant interviews
  • Tools for an enhanced HIV prevention program

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Principal Investigators

Deborah Koniak-Griffin
School of Nursing

Barbara Kappos
Bienvenidos Family Services
Bienvenidos Children’s Center

Jerry Tello
National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute
Bienvenidos Children’s Center

Janna Lesser
School of Nursing

Materials and information presented in Module 7 (UARP grants PC99-LA-2011) are produced by the Universitywide AIDS Research Program, University of California Office of the President, and may be freely used for HIV/AIDS prevention research activities. Appropriate citation is required in publications utilizing this module.