California Collaborations in HIV Prevention Research Dissemination Project

HIV Prevention Outreach Programs in Santa Barbara Module cover

Reports on:

  • Hard-to-reach populations
  • Street outreach programs
  • Key results
  • Social and economic assessment
  • Multisite collaborative research
  • Recruitment and survey tools
  • Lessons learned in collaboration
  • Use of data

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Principal Investigators

Emil Berkanovic
School of Public Health
University of California Los Angeles

Isabel Blagborne
Project Recovery
Santa Barbara

Rafael Cosio
Pacific Pride Foundation
University of California Santa Barbara

Scott McCann
Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara
Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties

Carl Sneed
School of Public Health
University of California Los Angeles

Materials and information presented in Module 5 (UARP grant PC98-LA-144) are produced by the Universitywide AIDS Research Program, University of California Office of the President, and may be freely used for HIV/AIDS prevention research activities. Appropriate citation is required in publications utilizing this module.