California Collaborations in HIV Prevention Research Dissemination Project

HIV/AIDS Behavioral Risk Research on African American Gay, Bisexual, and MSM Intervention not tested for effectiveness

Module cover

Reports on:

  • Risk behaviors
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk behaviors
  • Social & economic assessment
  • Community context
  • Risk behaviors
  • Practical research and evaluation materials
  • Guidance to collaboration

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Principal Investigators:

G. Michael Crosby
Center for AIDS
Prevention Studies
University of California San Francisco

Rene Durazzo
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Materials and information presented in Module 1 (UARP grants PC98-SF-060, PC99-SFAF-2031, and PC99-SF-2030) are produced by the Universitywide AIDS Research Program, University of California Office of the President, and may be freely used for HIV/AIDS prevention research activities. Appropriate citation is required in publications utilizing this module.