Institute for Community Health Research (ICHR)

Eric Bing, Trista Bingham, and David Kanouse

The Institute for Community Health Research (ICHR) is a consortium consisting of Charles Drew University of Medicina and Cience (CDU), the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) and the RAND Corporation. ICHR is committed to reducing health disparties in HIV prevention and care through innovative research on the roles of community contexts and social networks and to providing training and support to new investigators committed to HIV/AIDS prevention. The institute has four specific aims:

  1. To enhance the cpacity of researchers at CDU and LACDPH to conduct, analyze and disseminate research that has high potential to reduce disparitites in HIV prevention and care.
  2. To stimulate and conduct innovative pubklic health research on HIV health dispartities.
  3. To increase the quality and quantity of HIV disparities research projects among investigators at CDU, RAND and LACPDH.
  4. To recruit and train at CDU and LACDPH the next generation of HIV disparities researchers.