Abstracts by Investigator: U - Z

Investigator Title Institution Year
Uittenbogaart, Christel HIV-1 Disturbs Treg in the Thymus University of California Los Angeles 2009
Umamoto, Sean Molecular Characterization of ORF M43 of Murine CMV University of California, Berkeley 2007
Ulyanov, Nikolai Development of a 3D Structural Model for the HIV-1 5'UTR RNA University of California, San Francisco 2009
Veniegas, Rosemary HIV Technology Transfer In Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles 2005
Viani, Rolando Mario Parallel Rapid HIV AntibodyTesting during Pregnancy University of California, San Diego 2007
Wang, Allen Yi-Jen CDK regulated transcriptional repression by Efg1 in Candida University of California, Irvine 2007
Wang, Clay Development of novel DNA binding HIV-1 integrase inhibitors University of Southern California 2005
Wang, Pin Dendritic Cell-Directed Vaccine against HIV University of Southern California, Los Angeles 2009
Weinberger, Ariel How X4 Emerges in HIV: Implications for CCR5 Blockers University of California, Berkeley 2009
Weinberger, Leor The Role of Gene-Expression Noise in Regulating HIV-1 Proviral Latency University of California San Diego 2009
Weiser, Sheri Food insecurity: A key structural barrier to HIV/AIDS care University of California, San Francisco 2009
Weiss, Gregory Dissection of HIV Nef by Combinatorial Mutagenesis University of California, Irvine 2006
Witschi, Mark, A. A Novel Class of Glycoconjugates to Prevent HIV Entry University of California, Davis 2007
Wolkowicz, Roland The Role of CKII-COP9 Interactions in HIV-1 Infection San Diego State University, San Diego 2009
Jerry Yang Developing inhibitors of SEVI-enhanced transmission of HIV University of California, San Diego 2010
Yee, Jing-Kuan Inducible expression of siRNAs to inhibit HIV replication Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope 2005
Yu, Kenneth Engineering Immunity against HIV - a Stem Cell Vaccine California Institute of Technology 2009
Zaldivar, Richard Voces de Fe y Cultura The Wall/Las Memorias 2007
Zepeda, Jorge How Latino Immigrants Access HIV Care San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco 2009
Zingmond, David Impact of Comorbid Illness on Persons living with HIV/AIDS University of California, Los Angeles 2005

Zolopa, Andrew

Aging and non-AIDS morbidity in HIV: The Stanford HIV Aging Group

Stanford University 2010