Cross-Site Evaluation Center, Mark Etzel Patient-Centered Medical Homes Initiativei

Principal Investigator: Wayne T. Steward, PhD, MPH
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, San Francisco

Project Description: The patient-center medical home (PCMH) model has been heralded as a promising approach for fostering higher quality care for patients with complex medical conditions. The model achieves this objective by encouraging provider team-based care, co-location of services and provision of assistance to navigate the healthcare system, use of electronic records to exchange patient information among providers, educational tools and patient portals to promote better patient engagement with the care team, and monitoring of performance to ensure high quality care. The cross-site evaluation team of the CHRP-funded Mark Etzel Patient Centered Medical Homes Initiative is charged with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the model's effectiveness in HIV care settings across California.

Drawing data from the five demonstration projects in the state, our team aims to: (1) describe the systems, procedures, and programs implemented as part of the PCMH programs at the demonstration projects; (2) assess the impact of PCMH implementation on coordination and quality of care, patient engagement, patient and provider satisfaction, and HIV-related health outcomes; and (3) assess the cost-effectiveness of the PCMH programs at each site. We will accomplish these goals through a multi-component longitudinal study that includes patient and provider interviews and surveys, assessment of programmatic practices and costs, and analysis of health record data. We anticipate that the PCMH model will significantly improve the overall quality and efficiency of HIV care, particularly for vulnerable patients at risk of falling away from care.

Contact Person: Stuart Gaffney, 415-597-9266,


i The Evaluation is supported as a component of another CHRP Grant: "AIDS Policy Research Center"